As a Mom myself, I know just how true the saying "they grow up so fast" really means. The first year flys by and you won't believe the huge changes your little one goes through in those short 12 months! I love when I am able to be part of capturing and documenting this amazing time. I aim to capture these unique moments in time and the emotions that go along with it. I enjoy finding ways to show how much your little one has grown throughout and over the course of their first year.

  • Published in the November 2013 issue of Arizona Parenting Magazine and in the September 7, 2015 issue Woman's World magazine.

  • Recieved Best Businesses of Chandler Award for Photographers in 2015, 2016 and 2019 and the City's Best award in 2021. Was awarded "Most Loved Family Photographer in Chandler" in both 2018 and 2020 from HulaFrog. Had one Nurishment image place in the top 20% of the 2018 Shoot and Share Photography contest.

  • I partner with Independent Bakers to create and deliver amazing custom cakes that fit your theme for your first birthday sessions.

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About Me

I love when a family continues to grow with me. Letting me capture your little one's first year milestones is a truely amazing time for me. Even if we didn't meet while you were pregnant or just delivered your newborn, I love watching little ones grow up and change over the course of their first year (and honestly even beyond that).

Deep down I'm still pretty much a kid. I love Disney movies and Superheros! I love making your little one's eyes light up even if that means singing "Baby Shark" or making funny noises to get their attention. I crawl on the floor with them, have fun 'monsters' and animals to cover my camera with, and will put donw my camera to clap in encouragment. Seeing your little one's personality grow over the course of a year is awesome.

When you come to a session with me we have already talked about theme and images you are hoping to capture so come to the session happy and ready for laughter. I focus on capturing wonderful memories and moments that families can enjoy and pass on to future generations. My hope is that when you look back on your pictures they help you recall the laughter and memories of what your kids were like at this stage and moment in time. I look forward to capturing these for you.

I am truly both excited and privileged to share in this moment of your family's new journey and hope to continue to follow your family as your photographer and friend, capturing all the important milestones for years to come.